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Do You Have All Your Corners Covered?

How We Work

Our process begins with understanding your unique financial needs, goals, and risk tolerance to help us create a pathway to pursue your goals.  We develop a long-term investment strategy and financial plan tailored to your unique needs. To implement the plan successfully, we continually communicate with you. Then, we monitor the plan and meet with you on a regular basis to ensure the plan is performing as intended and to see if any modifications are needed based upon any changes in your life.

Building Your Nest Egg

Whether you are just starting your investment portfolio or are close to retirement, we help you save and improve your odds of long-term investment success using low-cost, tax-efficient, highly diversified structured investment solutions based on Nobel Prize-winning financial concepts. 

How does this help?

Provides suitable portfolio construction and asset allocation using a broadly diversified portfolio to capture the markets' returns and reduce volatility and risk in your portfolio over time.

Aligns your asset allocation with your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Rebalances your portfolio periodically to the appropriate asset allocation.

Uses low cost and tax-efficient funds.

Provides a disciplined approach to investing and helps you tune out the “noise” during market volatility.

Avoids market timing and emphasizes time invested in the market.

Receiving a Paycheck for Life

If you are transitioning into retirement and looking to withdraw income to cover living and current lifestyle expenses, Sclafani Wealth Advisors helps clear the path for a successful retirement. 

This may include:

Retirement plan rollover, distribution and asset draw down strategies that potentially increase portfolio longevity and minimize taxes.

Fixed annuities to provide a guaranteed income stream for life and stretch your assets.

Maximizing social security benefits-When is the right time to start?

Protecting You and Your Family

A well structured financial plan has a solid foundation and preservation strategy. Sclafani Wealth Advisors works with you to manage risk by protecting what is most important. We can’t control the uncertainties of life but we can help you have a plan in place to protect you, your family, your business and other assets. We help you understand how different solutions can reduce vulnerabilities that may lead to financial losses.

Such solutions may include:

  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term-Care Insurance